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STEVA Sports Software strikes Double Gold!

Mar 01, 2010

STEVA Sports Software strikes Double Gold!

Toronto, ON - Pointstreak is proud to announce that the video analysis product STEVA Hockey Pro, developed by recently acquired company STEVA Sports Software, was used by both the men's and women's Canadian gold medal and Finnish bronze medal ice hockey teams at the recent Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.


STEVA Sports Software develops video analysis software for sports which allows coaches to easily analyze, index and store video of games and practices.  The software platform also creates the ability for sports teams and leagues to develop video based scouting, recruiting content, team and league highlight videos as well as training platforms for players, coaches and game officials.


Both men's and women's medal winning teams for Canada and Finland used the STEVA Hockey Pro software product to analyze not only their own team's performance, but also to analyze and gather pre game intelligence on their opponents. The coaching staff would then take what they learned to help formulate game strategies for particular match-ups or to guide areas in which the team needed to improve on.


In years leading up to the Olympics, STEVA Sports worked with Hockey Canada creating a centralized online depository where coaching staff could download indexed game footage from prior tournaments. The STEVA Video Network, now know as SVN, quickly became a tremendous asset in other tournaments such as the World Juniors and both men and women world championships. For example, a coach who wasn't at last years World's could still easily access a wealth of video information in order to dissect another team's coaching style or team tactics, or even break-down how a particular player performed when paired with other particular players and in different situations.


During the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, coaches of Team Canada would actually use STEVA Sports' video analysis tools to index live game footage. During intermissions, the coaching staff would then use the knowledge gained from STEVA's tools to make on-the-fly adjustments to the game plan. The ease of integration of STEVA's software with live game footage was of tremendous value to Hockey Canada in being able to analyze game footage in real-time.


"We have had the honour of being involved with many championship teams, coaches, and players" said Ron Mathurin, Pointstreak's newly appointed VP of Video Operations,  "Being a part of the two gold medal winning Canadian hockey teams on our home soil is our proudest moment. Congratulations Team Canada."


Other countries that used STEVA Sports software for their Olympic hockey programs include Finland, Switzerland and Germany. More information about the STEVA Sports Software product line of sports video analysis software can be found on the website .


About Pointstreak:

Pointstreak provides technology driven sports software and business solutions designed to streamline operations while facilitating and enhancing the sport participant, fan and media experience. Pointstreak's product line includes solutions for professional, collegiate, and junior sports leagues as well as for amateur and recreational sports leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort and include solutions for statistics, online registration and website design and hosting. More information can be found on Pointstreak's website at or


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