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Pointstreak Signs Agreement with the New York City Police Department’s Baseball Club

Feb 16, 2010

Toronto, ON – Pointstreak and The New York City Police Department’s Finest  Baseball Club (NYPD’s Finest) are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement which will see Pointstreak provide real-time scoring, official statistics and administration services to the team.  

“The NYPD Baseball Team has stepped into the 21st century with the addition of Pointstreak Stats. The Game Live feature will allow our fans to follow us live when we are on the road. This is a great feature for any team at any level,” said Eric Sorensen the club’s General Manager.

Pointstreak's baseball platform will streamline the process of capturing and delivering game statistics for the NYPD and deliver those game events to the team’s website in real-time for the benefit of players, fans and media partners. A unique feature of Pointstreak's baseball statistical solution is Game Live, a real-time flash application that streams play-by-play baseball results over a 3-D graphical image of a baseball diamond. Pointstreak Stats for baseball is also geared towards the needs of media sources, providing Associated Press (AP) formatted box scores, allowing for easy reproduction of baseball stats into print media.

“We are very proud to have been chosen as the Official Real Time Scoring and Statistics Provider for NYPD’s Finest.  To have the ability to deliver real-time scoring and official statistics to their fans and media partners in true real-time will be a great enhancement to the current offerings” said Paul Pettipiece, VP of Baseball Operations for Pointstreak, “We support the charitable efforts of the NYPD Baseball Club and are very pleased to be able to offer their many supporters the ability to follow them live while they’re on the road”.

About New York's Finest Baseball Club:
New York's Finest Baseball Club which has a Non for profit status, consists of 45 New York City Police Officers who work in various communities throughout the city. NY Finest Baseball members come together as does a family, where there is no rank on the field. We are a tight knit Bunch with one common goal. To enjoy ourselves playing the sport we love and helping others anyway we can. In the past we have traveled to various states and countries participating in several Charity Events and Tournaments each year. We have played other Departments such as Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas Metro, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Columbus Ohio, and other various police and Fire departments across the country. The NY Finest Motto is "To Protect, Promote Goodwill & Play Ball".

For further information contact:

Eric Sorensen – General Manager – NYPD’s Finest Baseball Club
About Pointstreak: 

Pointstreak provides technology driven sports management and business solutions designed to streamline operations while facilitating and enhancing the sport participant, fan and media experience. Pointstreak's product line includes solutions for professional, collegiate, and junior sports leagues as well as for amateur and recreational sports leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort and include solutions for statistics, online registration and website design and hosting. More information can be found on Pointstreak's website at or

For further information contact:

Paul Pettipiece - Vice President of Baseball Operations, Pointstreak, or (905) 731-9867

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