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Pointstreak partners with Florida USSSA Baseball, Florida Travel Ball

Jan 19, 2010

Pointstreak partners with Florida USSSA Baseball, Florida Travel Ball

Toronto, ON, Inc. and Florida Travel Ball/USSSA are pleased to announce they have reached a long term agreement. Pointstreak will provide real-time scoring and official statistics services to Florida Travel Ball/USSSA for the next three seasons beginning in January of 2010.  All interested stakeholders fans, friends, family, media will be able to follow the games and their outcome in real-time on the FTB website for a number of select events.  (

“We are committed to providing quality events to all our teams in Central Florida and throughout the state. This program will be a key part in providing our teams with an experience they will live to tell,” said Bert Holloway, Assistant State Director – Florida USSSA Baseball.  In 2009, Florida Travel Ball watched 18 underclassmen earn college scholarships, as well as seeing 11 FTB alumni drafted in the 2009 June MLB draft. It also saw FTB win 2 Championships, send 2 National Team trial members and 3, USSSA All-Americans.

“Pointstreak is proud to have been chosen as the official real-time scoring and statistics provider for Florida Travel Ball/USSSA.  We look forward to working with Florida Travel Ball/USSSA in servicing the needs of the players, fans, and media and wish everyone the best of luck during the season”, said Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak.

About Pointstreak:

Pointstreak provides technology driven sports management and baseball stats software designed to streamline operations while facilitating and enhancing the sport participant, fan and media experience. Pointstreak's product line includes solutions for professional, collegiate, and junior sports leagues as well as for amateur and recreational sports leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort and include solutions for statistics, online registration and website design and hosting. More information can be found on Pointstreak's website at or

For further information contact:

Scott Secord – President & CEO, Inc. or (905) 731-9867 ext. 227

About Florida Travel Ball/USSSA:

USSSA, Florida Travel Ball is dedicated to supporting, developing and providing youth with the facilities and market leading software for great Baseball. To provide quality and professional administration of a quality baseball program that enables more opportunities for more kids to play baseball on their skill level. “Understanding that our kids are always the priority is NOT an option,” said Bert Holloway.

Florida Travel Ball is committed to promoting an environment where recognition, innovation, and communication are encouraged and rewarded.

For further information contact:

Bert Holloway – Assistant State Director, Florida USSSA Baseball or 407-454-9970 ext 702


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