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Pointstreak approaches 3 MILLIONTH player mark

Dec 30, 2009

Pointstreak approaches 3 MILLIONTH player mark

Toronto, Inc., an innovator in the field of sports technology, is proud to announce its impending three millionth player mark and is celebrating the occasion with special prize giveaways.

The company milestone marks the accumulated 3 millionth player to have gone through Pointstreak's real-time scoring and official statistics system, known as "Pointstreak Stats". To celebrate the occasion, Pointstreak is giving away special Pointstreak collectors jerseys to mark each millionth player, including a grand prize of a special collectors jersey plus two NHL tickets for the  player who becomes the 3 millionth person. The 3 millionth player mark is expected to occur in the last few days of December 2009 or early in January 2010, at which point Pointstreak will mine its statistical database to see who the winner is.

 "From day one, Pointstreak has been about providing sports participants and fans with cool, fast information about their sport of choice" said Gregg Sayer, VP Communications at Pointstreak, "Sure, hitting the 3 million mark is an important measurement of Pointstreak's rapid growth, but more significantly, a big number like 3 million represents a whole lot of players on a whole lot of teams, all enjoying their participation in sports leagues around the world. Our only hope is that Pointstreak's technology made their experience a little more enjoyable. This prize giveaway is our way of saying 'thanks' to those who ultimately drive our success."

What does 3 million people look like?

·       3 million people would fill Madison Square Garden to capacity 165 times.

·       3 million people is the current population of Wales (UK).

·       3 million people would fill 10,792 Boeing 767s.

The 1 millionth player to go through Pointstreak's system was Dave Kurs of Ontario, Canada, who played in the Ottawa Senior Men’s Senior Hockey League. A collectors jersey with "MILLIONTH" as the name on the back and "1" as the number, plus a letter of appreciation, was presented to League Managers Rico Lindsay and Carman Cox, whose league is a long time Pointstreak customer.  The 2 millionth player was Steven Holland of  Maryland, USA, who played in the Gardens Ice House Adult Hockey League. A "2 MILLIONTH" collectors jersey and letter of appreciation was presented to General Manager Thomas Hendrix.

 "We're pleased that the Gardens Ice House is part of Pointstreak history by notching up player number 2 million" said Thomas Hendrix, GM of The Gardens Ice House located in Laurel, Maryland, "Our customers play at The Gardens because we try hard to provide a fun, safe and enjoyable experience on the ice as well as off the ice. Pointstreak's technology helps us to deliver on that positive participant experience. Once we get this Pointstreak jersey mounted and framed, we're going to hang it up beside hockey great, number eight, Alex Ovechkin!".

Once the 3 million player mark has been reached, Pointstreak staff will determine who that person is and upon contact, that person will be presented with two free NHL tickets plus a special "3 MILLIONTH" Pointstreak collectors jersey. The lucky winner will be announced through the 4,000+ strong Pointstreak Facebook fan page at

 About Inc.:

 Pointstreak provides sports software management and business solutions designed to streamline operations while facilitating and enhancing the sport participant, fan and media experience. Pointstreak's product line includes solutions for professional, collegiate, and junior sports leagues as well as for amateur and recreational sports leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort and include solutions for statistics, online registration and website design and hosting. More information can be found on Pointstreak’s website at or

For media or blogger inquiries, please contact:

Gregg Sayer – Vice President of Communications, Inc.

gregg(at) or (604) 734-3505         

Tom Hendrix - General Manager, Gardens Ice House

           tomh(at) or (301) 953-0100

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