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West Michigan Whitecaps and local charities set to hit home run with 5050 Central

May 03, 2012

West Michigan Whitecaps and local charities set to hit home run with 5050 Central

TORONTO, ON. - The West Michigan Whitecaps have an exciting change in store for fans and local non-profit groups scheduled to raise funds through 50/50 raffles at Fifth Third Ballpark. Next week the team will debut a new 5050 Central electronic raffling platform to streamline raffle sales and increase fan participation. The 2012 Whitecaps 50/50 raffles are presented by Humana. 

The 5050 Central automated raffle system will display real-time updates of prize money on Fifth Third Ballpark's new high-resolution video board, which measures an incredibly large 28 feet tall by 55 feet wide. Fans can watch as 50/50 prize money grows throughout the game, garnering excitement - and additional raffle ticket sales. Fifty percent of the prize pot goes to the designated charity running the game's raffle, while the other half goes to a lucky fan that holds the winning raffle ticket. 

On Wednesday, May 9, the Michelle Lunn Hope Foundation will become the first non-profit to take advantage of the 5050 Central platform when it raises money to assure families can afford treatment for leukemia and other blood cancers, as well as for blood cancer research and education. 

Whitecaps president Scott Lane said management has been studying the automated system and its effects on raffles at other events and he's convinced that the system will have a positive effect both on the charities selected to host raffles and on the excitement level amongst fans at games. 

"It is a very cool thing to offer our fans - the ability to view real-time raffle sales," Lane said. "We're excited to introduce the 5050 Central automated raffling system to our fans this season, as we continue to add new high-tech fan amenities to the ballpark. More importantly, the funds raised will be used to support the local community. Thanks to the support of our fans, we anticipate being able to fund even more charities than we have in the past and we could not be more proud to do so."  

Chris Meyer of 5050 Central was equally proud to be a part of this great program. "From day one, Whitecaps ownership and the front office have displayed a sincere commitment to further assisting the local community. 5050 Central is very proud to be part of this commitment. We could not be more excited about our platform helping more of the community in West Michigan."

Some of the charities scheduled to benefit from holding raffles at Whitecaps games this season include the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan, National Kidney Foundation, Epilepsy Council of West Michigan and First Hand Aid. The Whitecaps' 2012 50/50 raffle calendar is full; however, nonprofit organizations interested in participating in the Whitecaps' 50/50 Raffle Program in the future may contact Courtney Galat at

About 5050 Central Ltd:

5050 Central is an electronic 50/50 raffle management system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing clear accountability for leading sports organizations. The 5050 Central system electronically captures every transaction while providing updated real-time raffle information to displays (e.g. Jumbotron) located throughout the venue. Tickets are sold to fans through fixed touch-screen terminals and mobile devices, creating an effortless data collection system that provides accountability and eliminates human error. Sports organizations benefit through clear accountability and their associated charities benefit by sharing the revenue of larger raffle pots. 5050 Central is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. and boasts some of sports' best brands as clients, such as: Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Orlando Magic, Atlanta Braves, Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames, Hockey Canada and the Canadian Football League.

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