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Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. and Narrative Science Partnered

Dec 07, 2011

Toronto, ON – Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. (“Pointstreak”), the leading provider of real-time scoring, statistical systems and online registration & payment processing for  sports organizations, has selected Narrative Science, a Chicago based technology company whose artificial intelligence platform transforms data into stories and insights to create  real-time sports content for its customers.

Narrative Science helps organizations create editorial content at a scale that was not previously feasible. Narrative Science’s artificial intelligence platform takes raw data and translates it into editorial content indistinguishable from human generated content.  “The linkage is obvious for a sports technology company that continues to provide platforms to leagues around the world to publish and display real-time content in the form of sports statistics and video,” said Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak.

 “We are excited to work with Narrative Science to deliver a real-time product that consumes the data generated from our platforms and provides a real-time editorial piece that can be delivered to a variety of information vehicles including the web and mobile. Our clients will now be able to publish content with the push of a button during live games as well as  at the completion of the game to generate compelling stories from both the home and visiting team’s perspective – at a speed and scale not previously realized,” added Secord.  

CEO of Narrative Science, Stuart Frankel said “We’re thrilled to be working with Pointstreak to provide this innovative product to their clients.  Pointstreak’s scoring and team management solution combined with our automated authoring technology will provide Pointsteaks’s clients with up to the minute coverage of their games and will provide teams and fans a unique and valuable addition to the Pointstreak platform.”  

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies, Inc.

 Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.'s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.  Pointstreak provides innovative sports software solutions for sports organizations such as associations, leagues, clubs and teams that are geared towards streamlining operations and improving the experience of the sports participant, fan and media. Pointstreak's major brands include: Pointstreak Stats, a real-time scoring & official league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration, an online registration & payment processing system; Pointstreak Sites, a website content management system; STEVA Sports, a sports video indexing and analysis software; 5050 Central, 50/50 raffle management software; and Team Locker Room, a free team-based social network. More information can be found on Pointstreak’s website

About Narrative Science:

Narrative Science, a Chicago-based technology company and a 2011 Winner of the Chicago Innovation Awards, turns data into stories and insights. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform produces reports, articles, summaries and more that are automatically created from structured data sources.   With amazing speed and quality, narratives are created in multiple formats, including long-form articles, headlines, Tweets and business reports.  Narrative Science’s technology solution helps customers save time and money by combatting data overload, time constraints, cost restrictions and scale issues. Our products help customers discover the insight that is hidden in their data and allows for the creation of new content at a scale that is simply unreachable given human resources alone. Founded in late 2009, the company was initially conceived at Northwestern University’s Schools of Engineering and Journalism and is now headquartered in downtown Chicago.

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