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Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. Announces Partnership with 5050 Central Ltd.

Nov 12, 2010

TORONTO, ON Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.(“Pointstreak”) and 5050 Central Ltd. (“5050 Central”) are pleased to announce they have reached an agreement which will see Pointstreak provide business development support to 5050 Central  within the North American sports market.  5050 Central provides technology solutions to the 5050 raffle fund raising process through the use of stationary desktop terminals and handheld devices eliminating human error while increasing sales and providing compliance with local gaming regulations.  Under the terms of the agreement Pointstreak will provide direct sales support of the 5050 Central platform to customer in the sports market while assisting 5050 Central in advancing its technology applications through new developments and enhancements of its existing applications.

“Pointstreak currently provides services to thousands of leagues and associations globally so it was easy to see how their existing relationships could benefit 5050 Central.  The combination of Pointstreak’s existing sales infrastructure and their extensive experience in developing sports technologies is a great asset to our company”, said Blair Smith, COO of 5050 Central.

5050 Central is an innovative and revolutionary technology platform that is changing the landscape of 5050 fund raising raffles.  Every transaction is electronically recorded and updated to single or multiple displays located throughout a venue providing real-time data on the financial value of the raffle during the event. Tickets are sold through fixed touch-screen terminals and mobile handheld devices creating an effortless data collection system that makes every ticket sale accountable with no margin of error.  5050 Central’s technology has proven to substantially increase fund raising efforts for organizations creating a new vehicle to raise funds to support amateur athletics or charitable organizations in an ever increasing era of dwindling funds to support their initiatives and programs.  The best example of the systems success occurred at the 2010 World Juniors Hockey Championships in Saskatoon, where the final game between Canada and the USA generated total 5050 sales of $299,400.00 bringing the total revenues of the 31 game tournament to $1,971,000.00.

 “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative company as 5050 Central.  The results of their platform to date have proven the value and benefits of the system to sports organizations.  Our existing clients are always looking for ways to raise funds to support amateur athletics or to give back to community charities.  5050 Central will revolutionize the way sports organization raise funds through the 5050 raffle.  We look forward to creating awareness of 5050 Central’s platform within the sports market”, commented Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.:

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Pointstreak provides innovative sports software to organizations such as associations, leagues, clubs and teams that are geared towards streamlining operations and improving the experience of the sports participant, fan and media. Pointstreak’s major brands include: Pointstreak Stats, a real-time scoring & official league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration; an online registration & payment processing system; Pointstreak Sites; a website content management system; Team Locker Room, a free team-based social network; and STEVA Sports; sports video indexing and analysis software. More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at or through the product information website

About 5050 Central Ltd.:

5050 Central’s vision, from the beginning, has been to give credibility and accountability to the 50/50 raffle.  With 50/50 Central, credibility is being achieved through the reduction of human error and real-time delivery of raffle data.  Accountability is attained each time a sale is made by displaying ‘up to the second’, precise information on the status of the draw to remote monitors.  This system has increased sales dramatically, providing salespeople with easy to use, components connected to the main database. Ease of use, affordability, and compliance with local gaming regulations makes 5050 Central an important part of any sports organization’s fund raising efforts.  For more information on 5050 Central Ltd. please visit 


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