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Edge Again & Pointstreak Team Up on E-commerce Strategy to Launch Mobile Skate Sharpening Device

Jun 23, 2010

Edge Again & Pointstreak Team Up on E-commerce Strategy to Launch Mobile Skate Sharpening Device

Toronto, ON – Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. (“Pointstreak”) is pleased to announce a special partnership with Edge Again™ that will see Pointstreak promote and provide ecommerce technology for Edge Again’s motorized mobile hand-held skate sharpening device.

Edge Again, a hand-held rechargeable ice skate sharpener that is highly engineered and extensively tested, is manufactured by Magna Closures, a division of Magna International. This new and innovative product is revolutionary in the sense that it allows hockey trainers and players to quickly sharpen their skates “on-the-fly” as opposed to relying on the traditional blade sharpening machines commonly found in arena pro shops or sports retailers. The patented diamond coated "Tusk" technology behind Edge Again automatically aligns itself on the blade to simultaneously microfile four sides of the blade at once to repair both inner and outer edges.  The product is currently being used by many NHL teams and other professional and junior hockey teams throughout North America.

"The product is fantastic and became an instant favourite with our trainers” said Gerry Asselin, President of the Midland Flyers of the Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior C League. It especially became important on the road where there is not always a pro shop open for skate sharpening. During the course of the season we found ourselves touching up skates rather than sending them out for sharpening. This obviously saved us money and supported our budget.”

Edge Again™ comes in a manual, non-motorized version, which will be available through select retailers, and a rechargeable, motorized version, which will be promoted and sold online with the help and expertise of Pointstreak.  This device will be sold as a single skater or goaltender unit or in a traditional trainer’s kit including both the skater’s device as well as the goaltender version of the device.

“Our goal was to ensure we could manufacture and distribute the Edge Again motorized version in a manner that made it affordable to the consumer as well as practical for teams to purchase. With the help of Magna Closures and Pointstreak we believe we have accomplished this goal and look forward to the upcoming season, said Chris Kontos, former NHL player and President of Edge Again.  Pointstreak’s extensive reach and relationships in the hockey industry as well as its technological expertise in ecommerce made it the perfect partner to promote and sell Edge Again.  By selling the motorized version online, Edge Again is able to use the cost savings inherent in ecommerce to offer the product at a price point that makes it accessible to the average consumer.”

“My belief is that in the near future you’re going to see Edge Again in every locker room   and every hockey bag from the pros all the way down to recreational and grass-roots hockey” said Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc., “Its advantages over traditional blade sharpening plus the consumer-friendly price makes it an absolute no brainer. We at Pointstreak are proud to be partners with Edge Again and also Magna Closures.”

About Edge Again™:

Edge Again was created with the technological goal to quickly and easily repair a skate’s edge with trauma or general dullness.  Most importantly Edge Again accomplishes this task while leaving the skate on the foot of the player.  Hockey is a fast paced highly competitive sport and for players or goalies with a lost edge, the effect can diminish their confidence and ability to perform at the highest level.  Edge Again’s innovative diamond coated “Tusk” technology now allows this mobile device to achieve edge restoration in an electric or manual application with a device that fits in the palm of your hand.   Edge Again now makes it easy for anyone to restore an edge with simple basic instruction.  Edge Again™ is working on future products that will help edge technologies in other sports.

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.:

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Pointstreak provides innovative solutions for sports organizations such as associations, leagues, clubs and teams that are geared towards streamlining operations and improving the experience of the sports participant, fan and media. Pointstreak’s major brands include: Pointstreak Stats, a real-time scoring & official league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration; online registration software & payment processing system; Pointstreak Sites; a website content management system; Team Locker Room, a free team-based social network; and STEVA Sports; sports video indexing and analysis software.

More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at or through the product information website


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