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New corporate name: Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.

May 13, 2010

New corporate name: Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.

Toronto, ON – Effective immediately, “ Inc.” will officially be known as “Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.”.

Known for its technical innovation in the sports industry, Pointstreak is adding “Sports Technologies” to its corporate name to mark a new era in the company’s development. The main reason for the rebranding effort is to better communicate the multi-sport, multi-product/service offerings that are now core to Pointstreak’s business model.

“For many years, the name ‘Pointstreak’ was synonymous with ‘hockey stats software’ ” said Scott Secord, Pointstreak’s President & CEO, “However, since that time we’ve not only expanded into other sports markets, but we’ve also developed or acquired other technology applications beyond just sports statistics.  These include online registration, sports websites and online video services. Our new corporate name is intended to reflect this larger scope and drive home the message that Pointstreak is a complete solutions provider for all of your sports technology needs.”

Some highlights of the developments and acquisitions made by Pointstreak include:

•    Development of “Pointstreak Registration”: An online registration and payment collection system geared for the registration needs of sports associations, leagues and clubs.
•    Development of “Pointstreak Sites”: A professional-looking website content management system easily managed by the client without the need for a webmaster.
•    Development of “Team Locker Room”: A free team-based social networking platform designed to make the life of team organizers easier.
•    Acquisition of This deeply functional, accurate and easy-to-use baseball statistics software served as the foundation for Pointstreak’s rapid entry into the baseball market.
•    Acquisition of STEVA Sports Software: Industry-leading video indexing and analysis software compliments Pointstreak’s existing applications.

With the company’s developments and acquisitions, Pointstreak’s goal is to be an innovator in the field of sports technology by integrating different applications and creating the best experience for all users. Mr. Secord goes on to explain Pointstreak’s new mission statement that accompanies the corporate name change.

“After much thought and discussion, we decided that Pointstreak’s mission is to ‘Provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community’.  We intend to continuously deliver on this mandate.”

About Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.:

Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc.’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the experience of the global sports community.

Pointstreak provides innovative solutions for sports organizations such as associations, leagues, clubs and teams that are geared towards streamlining operations and improving the experience of the sports participant, fan and media. Pointstreak’s major brands include: Pointstreak Stats, a real-time scoring & official league statistics system; Pointstreak Registration; an online registration & payment processing system; Pointstreak Sites; a website content management system; Team Locker Room, a free team-based social network; and STEVA Sports; sports video indexing and analysis software. More information about Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. can be found at or through the product information website .


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