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Pointstreak Announces 25% off New Solutions

July 31st, 2003

Vancouver, BC - Pointstreak announced today a 25% discount off two new solutions for recording game information: the "online entry tool" and the "laptop-based solution". This introductory offer is only valid for Fall 2003 seasons for amateur and recreational hockey leagues.

Up until this point, Pointstreak has been best known for it's "electronic gamesheet system" that utilizes a touch-screen terminal installed within a scorekeeper's area. The scorekeeper then uses the touch-screen terminal to record game information as the hockey game happens. Game results are then broadcast over the Internet in real-time to be viewed by players, parents and league administrators. In response to customer requests, Pointstreak developed two new solutions, the online entry tool, which allows leagues to enter paper gamesheets online, and the laptop-based solution, which allows league to download game recording software onto their own laptops.

"We've always encouraged and listened to every comment, criticism and suggestion that our clients tell us" said Gregg Sayer, Vice President & CMO of Pointstreak, "What we heard from a lot of our customers, and potential customers, was that they needed more affordable and flexible solutions for recording game information. Our two new solutions, the online entry tool and the laptop-based solution, provide leagues the affordability and flexibility that they're looking for, while still giving them access to our powerful web-based league administration software."

The "online entry tool" is Pointstreak's method of recording game information that allows a league administrator or their staff to login to Pointstreak's web-based tools and enter in a game that was recorded on paper. The online entry tool can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer in the world, making it very accessible and easy-to-use for league administrators or their staff. Although the online entry tool does not eliminate the data-entry of paper gamesheets, it is an affordable way for smaller leagues to experience Pointstreak's system without having to commit to terminals.

The "laptop-based solution" is Pointstreak's method of recording game information that allows league administrators to download and install game recording software onto a league's own laptop, instantly making it a portable "electronic gamesheet". The greatest benefit to the laptop-based solution is that a league is not required to have terminals in each rink and can instead use their own laptops to record game information.

"Our introductory offer of a 25% discount off our service fee is a great opportunity for any interested amateur or recreational league to get on board Pointstreak's system" said Sayer, "This offer is valid for any contract signed for an amateur or recreational league's Fall 2003 season. If nothing else, we encourage leagues to check out our website, find out more about our new solutions and possibly engage one of our sales people for more information about the introductory offer."

To find out more about Pointstreak or these new solutions, go to Pointstreak's homepage and click on "Learn more about our system"; or call toll-free 1-866-734-3585. Interested leagues can sign up through Pointstreak's website and have a salesperson contact them with more information.

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