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Pointstreak unveils 2nd generation terminal

2nd generation touch-screen terminals are more affordable, more robust and more functional than predecessor
December 4th, 2007

treq terminal

Toronto, ON – After years of reliable service in the field, Pointstreak’s 1st generation touch-screen game recording terminal is being replaced by a 2nd generation terminal. Known internally as the “TREQ”, Pointstreak’s 2nd generation terminal outclasses its predecessor in every conceivable category and promises to deliver to Pointstreak’s customers a more affordable, robust and functional solution.
For Pointstreak’s customers and potential customers, the most notable advantages of the 2nd generation terminals include:

  • Lower cost – The 2nd generation TREQs are being priced significantly below the 1st generation terminals.
  • More powerful – TREQs boast more computing power and the latest Windows CE Operating System, allowing more features, functionality, programming flexibility and a faster response time.
  • Wireless & hardwired capable – All TREQs come with a built-in wireless capability, meaning that customers can switch between hardwired and wireless without having to send the unit to Pointstreak for re-configuration.
  • Compact & User-friendly – The TREQs are more compact in design and are constructed more robustly than its predecessor. The upgrades in computing power and software also make the TREQ more user-friendly to use, notably for setting up networks, handling more encryption methods and troubleshooting communication issues.

What has not changed about the 2nd generation TREQs is Pointstreak’s focus on intuitive, easy-to-use software and technical reliability. A guiding principle among Pointstreak’s developers has been to make the touch-screen driven system easy for Scorekeepers to learn and for computer novices to feel comfortable operating.

“Pointstreak’s new TREQ terminal offers the compelling combination of more features and functionality, at a significantly lower price point,” says Gregg Sayer, Vice President of Communications of Inc., “Combined with a series of other innovations, the introduction of the TREQ demonstrates that our technology has matured and stabilized.”

Pointstreak’s terminal, also known as the Electronic Gamesheet System™©, effectively replaces paper gamesheets for the recording of game statistics. Pointstreak's terminal is installed in the scorekeeper's area and is hardwired or wirelessly connected to a standard Internet connection. Instead of recording a goal or penalty on paper, the scorekeeper enters it directly into Pointstreak's touch-screen terminal. Pointstreak's terminal eliminates the need for paper gamesheets and delivers real-time hockey statistics over the Internet to fans, players, parents and media.


About Pointstreak

Pointstreak is the leading provider of real-time scoring and advanced league administration and statistical systems for league-based sports organizations. Pointstreak's product line includes solutions for amateur and recreational sports leagues as well as for professional, collegiate, and junior leagues. Pointstreak's technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort. More information can be found on Pointstreak’s website at

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