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Pointstreak Branding Guidelines

Pointstreak has put a lot of time and effort into creating a strong association between the Pointstreak brand name/image and the concept of real-time, web-based information. Please respect our hard work by posting Pointstreak images, website links, credit mentions and copyrights where appropriate on your website, media source or any other public communication or broadcast. Please ask for permission via before using any of the following Pointstreak graphics. Once permission is obtained, please follow the guidelines below and link all images to Pointstreak's homepage.

By using the Pointstreak name and logo(s), you agree to the following guidelines:

  • Hyperlink all Pointstreak images to Pointstreak's homepage

  • When copying and displaying statistical information that has been collected on Pointstreak's system, you must quote our copyright in the following format:
    "Pointstreak © [insert current year] -".

  • You may not alter or warp the shape or colour of Pointstreak's images. However, you may resize Pointstreak's images proportionally to suit your needs.

  • You may not merge Pointstreak's images with other images that distort Pointstreak's original image.

  • The "Pointstreak" name is always one word, not two, and the "s" is not capitalized.
PC users: Right-click on the images below and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Target As" to save the images to your computer.
MAC users: Please click and hold file and select "download link to disk."

3rd Party Webpages Using Pointstreak Data
All 3rd party webpages that reproduce Pointstreak's data or information in any form must prominently display the following "Stats powered by Pointstreak" image with a hyperlink to as well as the copyright notice "Pointstreak © [insert current year] -".

pointstreak plus pointstreak pro

Corporate Logo


pointstreak sports technologies inc

Transparent PNG
pointstreak sports technologies inc

For Print (high resolution)

pointstreak sports technologies WHITE Background.EPS | WHITE Background.PNG FILE
  BLACK Background.EPS | BLACK Background.PNG FILE

Product Logos

Pointstreak PRO is the brand name for Pointstreak's professional product. The "PRO" must be all capital letters. Below are images for Pointstreak PRO.

pointstreak stats pro

Transparent PNG
pointstreak stats PRO

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