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A Brief History of Pointstreak

In 2000, Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc. pioneered the replacement of paper game sheets with electronic touch-screen computers – known as ‘electronic gamesheets’ - and revolutionized the way sports statistics were captured and delivered. In 2008, Pointstreak innovated sports league management further by integrating our existing statistical solution with two new systems: an online registration & payment system and a website content management system. Initially concentrating on the sport of hockey, Pointstreak has since expanded into three more core sports: lacrosse, soccer & baseball.

League Management Solutions


Pointstreak provides technology-driven sports league management solutions designed to innovate, automate, integrate and streamline sports league operations while improving the experience of our client’s customers, the sports participant. The Pointstreak triangle represents the deep integration of our three main league management solutions, specifically geared towards league-based sports organizations:

Pointstreak Stats:
A real-time scoring official league statistics system » learn more

Pointstreak Registration:
An online registration and payment processing system » learn more

Pointstreak Sites:
A cutting-edge website content management system » learn more.

Pointstreak Solutions

Team Locker Room

Pointstreak's Team Locker Room ( is a free team-based social network that provides team managers with useful tools to organize their team while providing players with a fun, virtual version of their team's locker room. Think of it as the Facebook for sports teams.
Pointstreak Team Locker Room

The Pointstreak Network

By collecting data about sport participants when and where it happens – at the game – Pointstreak has developed a top-ranked sports portal that attracts the active sports player. Primarily males between the ages of 18 to 34. Whereas traditional media sources tap the prime mainstream sports leagues to attract a broad audience, the Pointstreak network aggregates the web traffic of many smaller leagues to create a massive online audience, effectively becoming the long tail of sports media. Pointstreak’s efforts to leverage our unique sports portal include:

Pointstreak Advertising:
An in-house department designed to help top brands reach the active sports participant through the Pointstreak network » learn more